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                Executive Directors


                Mr. Chu King Tien (朱境♀澱先生), aged 65
                Executive Director and Chairman

                Mr. Chu is responsible for the overall corporate development and strategic planning of our Group. Mr. Chu has extensive experience in the disposable battery industry and has been engage in such business for over 40 years.


                Ms. Chu Shuk Ching (), aged 57
                Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

                Ms. Chu joined Golden Power Industries in May 1987 and is responsible for the overall management, administration and implementation of policy of our Group.


                Mr. Tang Chi Him (鄧誌謙▲先生), aged 48
                Executive Director

                Mr. Tang has acquired over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, engineering, quality?control and industrial management in the disposable battery industry. He is mainly responsible for overseeing the overall management of the Dongguan Production Facility and the Jiangmen Production Facility and administrating the manufacturing operations of the Dongguan Production Facility.


                Mr. Chu Ho Wa (朱浩華先@生), aged 35
                Executive Director

                Mr. Chu is marketing manager of our Group, mainly responsible for developing and implementing the strategic sales and marketing plans, looking for new marketing opportunities and liaising with existing customers.



                Independent non-executive Directors

                Mr. Hui Kwok Wah (), aged 47
                Mr. Ma Sai Yam (), aged 56
                Mr. Chow Chun Hin Leslie (駿), aged 36